'Looking Down' @ The Saatchi Gallery 16/07/2014 - By Saskia Kovandzich
15/07/2014 - by Saskia Kovandzich
gracebenitaphotography asked:

Hey! Great blog :) Just wondering what further education/careers you're looking into/going into off the back of your photography A-Level (if any)?

Hopefully going to bath next year to do politics and international relations! I still want to continue with photography alongside that though :)

Natural History Museum, London 16/07/14 - By Saskia Kovandzich
Savannah at Photographers Gallery - By Saskia Kovandzich
Natural History Museum, 16/07/2014 - By Saskia Kovandzich
Photographers Gallery 15/07/2014 - By Saskia Kovandzich


Natural History Museum, London 16/07/2014
Photo: saskia kovandzich taken on iPhone
View from the bar we got pulled into my an enthusiastic promoter yesterday afternoon, it was worth it!
Photo: Saskia Kovandzich on iPhone
Photographers gallery today
Katie - By Saskia Kovandzich

Old photos, new edits
Katie, 2012 - by Saskia Kovandzich
Elly 3/3 - By Saskia Kovandzich